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Affenpinscher Dog Breed

The Definitive Guide To Affenpinscher Dogs

Small, fun and spunky, the Affenpinscher is casual, yet fearless as a watchdog. This wiry-coated terrier claims the nickname "moustached little devils" in France and for a good reason. Their courage and alertness is surprising for such a small dog, but their compassion and heart is quite big.
  • Energy: Medium
  • Affection: High
  • Friendliness: Medium
  • Weight: 7-9 lbs
  • Guard dog ability: Yes
  • Grooming needs: Medium
  • Size: Small dog breed
  • Life Span: 12-14 yrs

1. Affenpinschers 101 – Information, Personality
and Characteristics

It’s no surprise the first Affenpinscher breeder, mining heiress Evalyn Walsh, dazzled her Affenpinscher’s collars with the magnificent Hope Diamond. (Or so the rumor goes..)

These bundles of joy are spunky, corky and live for high-spirited pleasure and entertainment. Pierre Auguste Renoir, the famous French painter captured their essence beautifully in his famous, Luncheon At The Boating Party painting.

Lucheon At The Boating Party Affenpinscher Dogs

At 6.5 to 13.2 pounds and one of the oldest toy dog breeds in existence, their size makes them great travelers and party guests.

Affenpinschers will gladly welcome you in with their funny, pushed-in ape-like facial characteristics. Their protruding jaw and lower lip and short muzzle, will oddly remind you of the monkey. (The German translation of “Affenpinscher” is “Monkey terrier”.)

Their scruffy face and mustache will make you crack a smile as they wag around with delightful little beards. The coat of an Affenpinscher is rough, shaggy and typically comes in black, though some are salt and pepper, tan and shades of red in color.

Indoors, however is where you’ll discover the real challenge of owning an Affenpinscher. France calls them “mustache little devils” and you’ll know exactly why when it comes to housebreaking. Housebreaking and training an Affenpinscher can be an extremely difficult experience due to their stubborn nature. At times you may think they have a mind of their own.

With proper exercise, this dog breed suits well to smaller spaces, but make no mistake, you’re going to need a big wallet. Their notorious for high vet bills and come with a handful of health problems. Everything from eyes to teeth and hips to joints, heart issues and more comes with the Affenpinscher.

Best you can rest easy knowing these dogs are low shedding and only require grooming twice a week to prevent matting. Easy enough right?

Today it can be quite rare to spot an Affenpinscher dog breed in a public place or dog park. The last major public appearance of the Affenpinscher was back in 2002 with Ch Yarrow’s Super Nova winning the Westminster Kennel Club Show Toy Group. (Also the winner of the 2015 Westminster Dog Show)


Affenpinscher Temperament Training

2. Affenpinscher Temperament and Training

Make no mistake, Affenpinschers love people, but boy do they love to avoid listening to them. (Everything, not matter how trivial, is a serious matter with Affens) They can be stubborn little toy dogs when it comes to training, but the with early obedience training things can go much smoother. Their confidence, energy and sense-assurance all will work against you at first. But in time they can become protective, affectionate and loving companion dogs.

Affens are lively, active, curious, and intelligent, which means they’ll keep you on your toes.  They love to yip and yap, and chase toys around the house. And while their mischievous temperament may get the best of you at times, they can be quite peaceful.

During quiet nights at home Affenpinschers are still silently alert and keeping a close eye on their surroundings. Even as small dogs, don’t underestimate their protective and defensive nature. Because believe it or not, Affenpinschers make for excellent watchdogs. (They are fearless when over stimulated) When their guard is down, you’ll enjoy their playful and fun-loving spirit, plus hours of laughter. Affenpinsches are quite the comedians with their funny behavior.

For training consider their temperament to be close to that of most terries, they are after all, a part of the group. They are gentle but extreme excitement can be a major distraction and require lots of patience.

Around kids Affenpinschers require a close supervised eye. Young children can potentially harm or injure them quite easily, plus their high-level of youthful excitement may upset or irritate them. Things like hugs, chasing them, or even child-like striking from kids who don’t know any better can be seen as aggressive behavior in an Affens eyes. Often, it’s hard for children to understand that this toy-sized dog takes things serious and may not as friendly as it looks.

The good news is Affenpinschers do great with other dogs and even cats too. However, being a toy sized dog breed you’ll want to supervise during playtime with larger dogs.


3. Affenpinscher Diet and Feeding

Affenpinscher Diet

Weight Standards: 7-9 Pounds

Diet Origin: Lowland farm area of Germany

Affenpinscher Weight

0.44 lbs

Puppies0 Months

X lbs

X Weeks

X lbs

X Months

7-9 lbs

Adult Weight
11-15 Months

*All target numbers are approximate averages. Every dog’s dietary needs and weights will be different. Take into account pregnant or nursing dogs.


Best Food For Affenpinschers

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Grain-Free CORE Ocean Formula

Wellness Dog Food


Gold – Duck, Chicken and Lamb

Fromm Dog Food

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4. Affenpinscher Health Problems

Due to the small size, Affenpinschers have a higher chance of orthopedic health problems such as knee conditions (Luxating Patellas). They can also develop Legg-Calve-Perhes, a rather rare but serious health problem. The most worrisome health problem of them all, is hip dysplasia which has been found in 12% of Affenpinschers. (136 Affenpinscher x-ray study by the Orthopedic Foundation of America)

Most commonly breeders and owners report a skin conditions where hair loss can be seen on the flanks. Skin conditions can also include pyoderma, sebaceous cysts, and itchiness from allergies.

Other Affenpinscher health problems though not as frequent include: Heart diases, cataracts, hypothydoisism, cushings disease, von Willebrands (blood-clotting disease), liver shunt, hernias, and dental disease.


5. Affenpinscher Exercise

In terms of exercise needs, Affenpinschers are right in the middle. They are moderately active dogs and will require daily walks to prevent mischievous behavior inside of the home.
When not exercised properly you’ll quickly find out that Affenpinschers love to get attention by barking at anything and chewing on everything. However, with plenty of time for walks they can be quite content and relaxed indoors. Just give them some daytime to run and play outdoors.

When playing with other dogs, it’s always best to avoid ones that are larger in size. Also keep in mind to that Affenpinschers do require a watchful eye around children and fenced in area for outdoors. They love to explore and aren’t afraid to ward off wildlife and other pets nearby.

If you are looking for an outdoor dog, Affenpinschers are suitable for extreme cold and hot temperatures. Plus their watchdog temperament might lead them into lots of trouble.

Affenpinscher Living Conditions

Children and Kids: No
Other Dogs: Yes
Cats: Yes
Apartments: Yes
Activity Level Indoors: Medium

The Affenpinscher is a moderately active dog with medium energy needs.


6. Affenpinscher Grooming and Care

Affenpinschers have a short wiry coat that can get tangled from time to time. To prevent this, you’ll want to grooming them daily using both a pin brush and widetooth metal comb. When grooming start with the furnishings or featherings on the Affenpinschers legs and remove all big-sized tangles. Then move onto the removing any unwanted dead hairs and debris from their coat.

Best grooming tools for Affenpinschers: Slicker brush and Greyhound comb.

Affenpinscher Coat


Coat Length:Short


Grooming Needs:Medium
The coat comes in 4 colors: Black, Tan, Wheaten, Red


7. Affenpinscher Origin and History

Coming soon


Affenpinscher Facts

8. Affenpinscher Facts and Highlights
Affenpinscher Facts
10 – 14 years
Companion, Terrier, Toy
7-10 lbs
7-10 lbs
Short, Wiry, Rough, Shaggy
Light Non-Shedding
Medium – Hard
Affen, Affie, Monkey Dog
Playful, Adventurous, Fun-loving, Curious, Stubborn, Active
10 – 15 inches (25 – 38 cm)
10 – 15 inches (25 – 38 cm)
1 – 3
Black, Tan, Wheaten, Red
Germany, France